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Winner of Outside Magazine's 2011 "Gear of the Year" award, this kayak offers a unique combination of performance, durability and design, making it fast, easily manoeuvrable and extremely stable. Made of lightweight and durable Poly-XR™, it is said to feel "as stiff as any composite kayak at twice the price."

                                  $1299.00 +tax
Length 14’
Beam 25’’
Depth 14’’
Cockpit Width 18’’
Cockpit Length 34.5’’
Weight 55.5 lb
Max. Capacity 300 lb


  • Adjustable footpegs
  • Asymetrical Swede-form geometry
  • Bow and stern ergonomic carrying handles
  • Bow and stern hinged Quick Lock Hatch
  • Day hatch with storage bag
  • Deluxe cockpit
  • Elastic bungee cords in bow and stern
  • Ergoflex Seating System™
  • Fluid Steering System™ rudder
  • Hard chine V-shape hull
  • Keel extension
  • Lay-down bottle holder
  • Lightweight and incredibly durable Poly-XR™ material
  • Padded thigh braces
  • Reflective perimeter lines
  • Watertight bow and stern bulkhead

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Recreational Kayaks

The Iqaluit is a stable, lightweight recreational kayak with a very large cockpit opening. Smaller and lighter than the Inuvik, the Iqaluit is perfect for small to mid sized paddlers.
Length: 11'6 ft. Width: 28 in. Weight: 46 lbs. Cockpit Size: 51 x 18 in.
Capacity: 300 lbs.     $899.00+tax

The Inuvik has a  wide cockpit which makes this recreational kayak suitable for a variety of paddlers. You will feel safe and comfortable in this very stable, spacious and easy to maneuver kayak. The high volume bow and large opening provide enough space for a small child or a pet to ride along. There is also lots of room for fishing or any other kind of gear. Affordability and durability are also key assets.
Length: 13 ft. Width: 28 in. Weight: 49 lbs. Cockpit Size: 51 x 18 in.
Capacity: 350 lbs.   

Fishing Inuvik
Special Edition
Includes: Camo colour Inuvik
Fishing Deck
2 Custom rod/net holders
Side mount paddle securing system
$1145 +tax

Sea Kayaks

St. Lawrence
The St.Lawrence is our sea kayak for the medium sized paddler. This stable design offers great speed and tracking. Perfect for an afternoon out on the lake or a weekend down the coast. The St. Lawrence will take you where you want to go.
Length: 15 ft. 6 in. Width: 24 in. Weight: 54 lbs. Cockpit Size: 32 x 16 in.
Capacity: 300 lbs $1399.00+tax

The Gaspe is our solution for the mid to larger paddler. This design offers more volume and leg room. The hard chine hull maximizes control, carving, and speed. At home on lakes and on coastlines, the Gaspé makes light work of the wind and waves.
Length: 16 ft. Width: 25 in. Weight: 56 lbs. Cockpit Size: 32 x 16 in.
Capacity: 350 lbs. 
$1499.00+ tax

Properly stored your canoe or kayak should never need maintenance. Even though the manufacturer suggests that they can be left outside year round, with our snow loads and cold temperatures, we suggest you store your canoe or kayak in a building during the winter.

Warranty Information
Our manufacturer offers a one year limited warranty on all parts which covers manufacturer's defect. The hulls are covered by a five year warranty against cracking, tearing, puncture or wear-through occurring in normal use.
All of our canoes and kayaks are made from linear polyethylene. They require no treatment to maintain the surface and can be stored outside year round.
For short term storage, you should turn your canoe or kayak upside down when left on the ground or dock.
Always try to store your boat on a rack or hanging in slings. Canoes should be supported by their gunwales.
Kayaks can be hung on their sides or upside down; try to place your supports at the bulkheads.
If you develop a dent in your canoe or kayak due to improper storage or from over-tightening your tie down straps, here are some suggestions. First, let the boat sit in the hot sun. Often, the dent will come out all by itself. If that doesn't work, prop the boat up on a couple of camp chairs so that it is supported near the ends. Place a weight, such as a bag of sand, on the indented area and let it sit for a couple of hours. For best results, this should be done outside on a hot sunny day. You can also warm the dented area by pouring hot water over the area before placing the weight.
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