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Cold Water Boot Camp Canada. MYTH: Most People believe they don't need a life jacket "if they are close to shore", or "because they can swim" and that "they can put a life jacket on in the water" if t...

Eddy Sports Vest

Unisex styling, contour fit, high back construction, front zipper, low profile padding for ease of bending and prevention of ride-up, make this one of the most popular high end kayak vests.
Colours - Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Lime Green, Black
Sixes XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL

The Salus Bijoux: is the answer for a parents natural concern for child safety on the water. Designed for babies 9-25 lbs., this unique design offers unprecedented security, safety and comfort.
Important: The four adjustment straps should be as secure as possible yet allow for baby comfort. Once fitted you should allow your baby and yourself to test it in the water in order to be completely at ease before you go boating.
Colours - Pink, Lime Green
Size - New Born 9-25 lbs


Children and Youth
 Children and Youth Vests:
Colours Pink, Lime Green
Sizes according to the child's weight.
Infant: for children 20 - 30 lbs.
Child: for children 30 - 60 lbs.
Youth: for children 60 - 90 lbs.

Dog Vest
 Skippy Dog Vest: Some would have us believe that a dog does not need a vest but Fido can get as tired as we can in an emergency.
Colours - Red, Orange
Sizes - XS (for dogs 5-10 lbs)
             S  (for dogs 10-30 lbs)
             M  (for dogs 30-60 lbs)
     $79.95 +tax
Sizes -L  (for dogs 60-100 lbs)
           XL (for dogs 100-130 lbs)
   $ 89.95 +tax
Gjoa: Whether a newbie or an experienced paddler this vest has numerous features to make your trip safe and COMFORTABLE! Low-profile sides, eight point adjustment system, 4 contoured panels and high waist make it the first choice of hard to fit paddlers.
Colours - Yellow, Red
Sizes XS-S, S-M, M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL
$175.95 +tax
Sports Fishing Vest: come in two styles; The Angler (larger) and The Kayak (more streamlined). Both offer ample storage pockets and free movement.
4xl can be special ordered.
Colour - Brown
Style - Fishing Vest or Angler (kayak Vest)
Sixes  M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL, 2XL-3XL
$159.95 +tax
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